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internet filter trial

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Net Nanny

Net Nanny

Net Nanny 6 is the PC Magazine Editor's Choice for Parental Control Filters. It consistently outperforms its competitors with a web-filtering program which combines cutting-edge technology with non-technical settings and reports, perfect for informed proactive parents who may not be computer or Internet savvy. For those of you who would prefer to personalise the settings more, there are plenty of options for customisation. The Walt Disney company chose Net Nanny as the Internet Filter to be used on the new Disney Dream Desk PC. Net Nanny 6 incorporates a unique Message Monitor feature which examines the content of instant messages (IM) and alerts parents via e-mail to potential online predatory behaviour, cyberbullying and other inappropriate contacts and comments made through popular Instant Messaging programs. Net Nanny reports provide details about social networking profiles including friends' lists, pictures, personal descriptions and more. Net Nanny 6 will help you to keep your children safe online. Working directly with the Entertainment Software Rating Board (ESRB), Net Nanny 6 is the first parental control software solution to set age-based gaming restrictions using the ESRB rating system and the first to block desktop PC games based on categories, including violence, sex, alcohol, drugs and more. Net Nanny 6 allows you to set the times when your children can be online. If you wish to limit their Internet access you simply set the grid to "red" for the times when you do not want them to access the Internet. Additional Features - Email Notifications - The ability to provide an override password - Secure Site Filtering - Instant Messaging Logging - Setup multiple profiles for different family age ranges - Remote Management - Automatic Updates for the duration of your licence - FREE Support

We all know the Internet is coated with so much smut that it makes Larry Flynt look almost virginal. In reality, the majority of the nastiness online is buried deeper than it used to be. But if you have kids and they have access to the Net, it's still a good idea to take some precautionary steps, and one of the most important is using blocking software such as Net Nanny. Version 4.0 of this program offers an easier interface than previous versions, and, as with previous iterations, it lets users view and edit its questionable sites list.
This affordable program keeps tabs on what comes into your system from the at-large Web, filtering out pornographic sites and images as well as questionable words in chatrooms and newsgroups, hate literature, and even bomb recipes. It's not a catchall solution--even with the most stringent of settings, some PG-13 and above material trickled through. And it doesn't take the place of parental guidance and education. But it's a well-designed program that makes it easy for parents to keep tabs on the online activities of their children, in addition to protecting personal information and limiting users' online time. Its thick manual walks parents through the steps for configuring the software and also offers a Safe Family Contract, encouraging parents to talk to their kids about why they're using Net Nanny.
Net Nanny 4.0 installs easily and begins running automatically after a system reboot. The administrator sets up accounts (up to 12) for each family member with a specific login name and password, and can easily choose the filtering settings for each user, as well as scheduling the days and times that each user is allowed online. Sites can be blocked for individual users, or alternatively the administrator can create a list of only the sites he or she wants individual users to visit.
Net Nanny can be set to automatically update its database of filtered Web sites (the list of blocked sites and phrases also makes nice shock-value reading), so as new sites are added to the list, the software is kept up to date. The administrator can also check out the log file, which tracks the sites, newsgroups, and chatrooms that users visit, and logs information sent and received. The admin password is required to deactivate Net Nanny, view the log file, affect any changes to other users' settings, and even to uninstall the software.
While no filtering software is perfect--like other filtering software, Net Nanny sometimes blocks out the good with the bad, such as artistic sites--it's a flexible program that lets an administrator create unique sets of online user rules with an easy-to-use interface. --J. Curtis

Net Nanny filtering software for your PC protects children from the dangers of the Internet. Net Nanny performs all of the above and more! With the capability to monitor the Internet, standard e-mail, IRC chat programs, newsgroups, and offline applications in a fully customizable, user-friendly environment, Net Nanny gives the parent or administrator complete control over what is being accessed on your PC.

88% (17)

Advocate House B

Advocate House B

An image of mine taken at Advocate Hbr., NS, and applying a Preset Filter called TOPAZ. I got this filter off the Internet as a free 30-day trial. Makes some wierd and neat changes to the photos. Some I like, most I don't... I guess it depends on the subject and the complexity of it. This was one that appealed to me for this shot. Some brilliant colours!

Advocate House A

Advocate House A

An image of mine taken at Advocate Hbr., NS, and applying a Preset Filter called TOPAZ. I got this filter off the Internet as a free 30-day trial. Makes some wierd and neat changes to the photos. Some I like, most I don't... I guess it depends on the subject and the complexity of it. This was one that appealed to me for this shot. Very dramatic.

internet filter trial

internet filter trial

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