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Best Canister Filters

best canister filters

Week 21

Week 21

Hmm, well it's not so great this week but progress IS being made.
I just discovered that the powerhead(pump) in the big box filter at the back has packed up! This is why I have added a large external canister filter which you can see the pipes to in the top right corner.

I have just finished a water change, some gravel vaccuming, filter clean and gardening so it wasn't the best time to take this pic'. Plus I haven't cleaned the glass well.
Oh yer, and the background picture that i replaced the last one with won't stay up and has fallen off again.
(I really shouls have spent more time on it today and taken the photo next week lol!)

Anyway, I took this photo because it has been 7 weeks since the last.

The good points are that the amazon sword in the middle has recovered and growing very well indeed. It seems to be becoming a great focal point.
The tall plants along the back walls look a bit weedy now but that is becaue I have just cut them all back and replanted the tips low down, so the are multiplying and seem to be growing qite lushly with good colour and plenty of leaves.

I have added peice of planted bogwood which are still settle in in

I must explain that my son's tank developed a leak and all his fish ended up being transfered to my tank in the end. As well as some smaller fish he has two large catfish similar in species to one of mine and they can be quite territorial. This made the total of large solitary fish up to f and another that could grow to be one too!
This is why I have built up the middle of the tank and added a talk log-like ornament at the back left, to create hiding places and territories.
So far all seems well.
It's getting there

Italian M33 & M35 Gas Mask Bags

Italian M33 & M35 Gas Mask Bags

The Italian Army used two types of gasmasks, M33 and the M35. The M33 has a brown rubber mask with a flexible hose connected to the filter canister. When worn, the Alpino would put on the mask and the canister would remain in the canvas carrier. The M35 was a compact design, having the filter canister screwed on directly to the brown rubber mask with no hose. When worn, the mask and canister were as unit, and the gas mask bag was empty.

Both types of the masks themselves were nearly identical. The best way to determine the type is to examine the mask itself. Each mask is labeled by type (T33 or T35) and size (I, II, III, IV) on the right hand side next to the eye lens. A civilian version of the T35 existed and can only be identified by its label (P 40) in the same location. The filter canister for a military mask should be brown, the civilian should be yellow.

The T35 replaced the T33 for dismounted troops. It was common that the M33 gasmask bag be used as a replacement for the tascapane.

best canister filters

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